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Coração Vingador (2014)

by Sharon Kendrick(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 5
Harlequin Books Brasil
Desert Men of Qurhah
review 1: Decent read but forgettable. Things I liked: great opening line, interesting depiction of the psychology and impact when a woman gives up work to become a man's plaything and accepts so much less than she deserves and hero who clearly loves heroine (his POV and tears at her loss were very moving). Things I didn't like: fine for heroine to be a virgin but inexplicable for her to jump into bed with hero the first night they meet. I hate that romance novels replace morality with virginity. Also, really silly when virgin heroine still isn't a suitable virgin. It also upset me that he used her for a year as a sex toy but fell in love only after a year when she finally became defiant? Also, hero's dialogue was so treacly and his love talk "my little pussy cat" was unappe... morealing. I didn't connect as a great read for me but it was moving.
review 2: Enjoyable read about a crown prince and his true love, and the challenges that they face. Cat is devastated when she finds out that her lover Murat is about to end their relationship. Murat knows he must put his duty first and that means marry a suitable princess bride. After Cat learns about it, she decides to let Murat go but now it is Murat who is reluctant to marry out of duty. I really love powerful alpha males and virginal heroines so I could not help but like this book but I wish that the epilogue would include a cute royal baby. less
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I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.Great book, hard to put down!
I usually love her books but this one was lacking for me.
Really love this book! Want to read it!
A roller coaster of a read!!! fabulous
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