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The Trouble With Mr. Darcy (2011)

by Sharon Lathan(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 5
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The Darcy Saga
review 1: Alors, un tome un peu moins "gnangnan" que les précédents, sans doute parce qu'il se passe ENFIN quelque chose.Le début est plaisant sans doute parce que cette fois, Darcy & Lizzy sont en dispute et ne se parlent plus ( je vous rassure c'est temporaire, la dame fait une dépression post partum). Enfin c'est rafraichissant de les voir se disputer et surtout d'éviter les déclarations d'amour ^^. Idem, on passe un peu plus de temps sur les autres personnages. J'aime bien l'histoire d'amour de Kitty et de D'artois. Je trouve leur relation bien écrite/décrite. Pour Georgie, je pense qu'elle va m'ennuyer mais je lui laisserai une chance. L'oncle Darcy est toujours là (sérieux, on se demande pourquoi il s'incruste autant). Sur les autres, Anne est heureuse, Jane aussi, C... morearoline ne change pas (mais est sans doute heureuse)... Mary est heureuse, Kitty n'en parlons pas... Bref tout est bien (même si on colle quelques fausses couches par ci par là pour introduire le malheur.)Arrive donc enfin Lydia et son cher Wickham, j'aurais aimé que l'auteur ne sombre pas dans la facilité en faisant de lui le méchant. Malheureusement c'est le cas... Bref, le plan de Wickham et de son allié est plutôt sympa... Cependant, la fin est trop prévisible et les "diaboliques méchants" pas si méchants... Par ailleurs, je me demande comment Lizzy réussit à tomber enceinte tout en allaitant... ( certes cela peut se produire mais le pourcentage de chance est tout de même réduit... pas très crédible tout ça)Bref, ce tome est plus lisible que les autres, plus d'action, moins de déclarations enflammées, mais on tombe dans le très attendu Ce que j'aime : le personnage de Kitty, le fait que Darcy & Lizzy s'éloignent même si ça ne dure pas, revoir LydiaCe que j'aime moins : le manque d'originalité dans le traitement des personnages, les rebondissements trop attendus ou pas crédiblesEn bref : Un tome un peu plus tonique que les précédents et moins fleur-bleue qui reprend plus ou moins la suite de l'intrigue du tout premier tome : de ce fait, il ne peut être lu seul. Un peu moins ennuyeux que les deux volets précédents.Ma note : 5/10
review 2: I read all five novels of the Darcy Saga in pretty much one go over the space of a week and as a result I find it easier to critique as a whole set rather than individually so this review covers all the five novels although I will assign a rating to each book:1. Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy2. Loving Mr. Darcy3. My Dearest Mr. Darcy4. In the Arms of Mr. Darcy5. The Trouble with Mr. DarcyFirst of all, this book is for the hopeless romantics who want nothing more than to revel in detail in Lizzy's and Darcy's relationship post engagement. The forward to the first book unapologetically states that the author's introduction to Pride & Prejudice occurred with the 2005 movie and while she has since then read the original piece she has chosen to utilize the movie adaptation as her starting point so some details referred to are not from the novel but the changes are cosmetic. I do not have issues with the author's level of writing skill so much. There's a fine line for me between where I fall into the story easily enough and where I find the poor writing to constantly intrude on my consciousness as I imagine myself through the story and these novels crossed the threshold fairly easily. That said, I never want to hear the word "stupendous" in my life ever again. Yes, adjectives abound as others have commented, but for some reason stupendousness rose above everything and by the third book it was like itching a mosquito bite; every time I encountered it I was irritated. I am of two minds about the enormous proportion of love-making in the novels. I imagine 70% of the 5 novels put together is composed of nothing but their passionate and undying declarations of love for each other and amorous love-making. That said, there was no scene that felt distasteful or simply pornographic and gratuitous. It was very much newlywed bliss. However, two years on and having sex morning, noon and night in every room, every sheltered field, nearly every day through two pregnancies actually becomes mind-mumbing toward the end. It is quite romantic but the extended sustained pace eventually starts to beggar belief. I would not recommend these books to single people who are bitter about their status as no actual living, breathing human being will ever live up to the expectations or a relationship this book will set for you!It is true that there is very little plot but again the author is not really apologetic as she has set out to chronicle the marriage, which does not always have a plot like every good novel should, but she has tried to inject a sense of drama into each book. The results are a a bit uneven. Whatever parts of the novel are not occupied by love-making are primarily relationship driven. The marriage is chronicled in GREAT detail, with Lizzy getting pregnant in the first novel and not delivering her child until the third! The first two books are quite similar - floating along evenly until the very end when some sort of crisis is reached requiring Darcy to rescue Lizzy. In fact, while I love the level of detail of the locations demonstrating the research, the third quarter of book 2 describing the daily journeying of their holiday nearly bored me until it was time for the 11th hour crisis. The third book probably meandered most of all, with no particular focus of event other than the birth of their first child. It is probably saved by the developing characters involved in their life - the rounding out of Col. Fitzwilliam, Georgianna, the other Bennet sisters (Mary and Kitty) and the exploration of Darcy's uncle, George. This continues into the fourth book, where Kitty particularly begins to bloom into a three dimensional character. It is only the fifth book, however, that actually manages to introduce and to keep tension steady throughout, with classic foreshadowing and plot driven storytelling. The fifth was probably my favourite for this reason. My biggest disappointment, however, is the author's abandonment of Jane Bingley (nee Bennet). While she certainly features as Lizzy's sister, carries on dialogue and even has some intimate conversations with Lizzy, we are never taken into her confidence in the same manner as we are with every other character. Even if only briefly, we become privy to the inner thoughts of Mary at the point of her courtship, and are given a startling insight into Kitty's maturation. We glimpse the evolution of Caroline Bingley. Col. Fitzwilliam's private turmoil is revealed in the 4th book. Even Wickham's own inner twisted logic is shown to us. However, the author never lets us see Jane other than through the eyes of another person and by the time I finished the 5th novel I was left with the feeling that Jane was left as a complete stranger to me. I am frankly shocked at this omission. less
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So I started reading this but it had way to much sexual content for me...so I didn't finish it.
It was detailed, intense, and I loved the humour.
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