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Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One (2009)

by Sharon Lathan(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 2
1402215231 (ISBN13: 9781402215230)
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The Darcy Saga
review 1: I always finish what I start reading but I did not finish this book. I love Pride and Prejudice! The book and the mini series with Colin Firth (which follows the book exactly/actors are amazing). I did not like the 2005 movie.. It was too fast/acting wasn't that good/ Darcy wasn't believable/it just didn't capture the plot/characterizations). Anyway...I bought this because I really liked Mr. Darcy's Diary (by another author)..it was interesting and fun. It gave us insight to his character all throughout pride and prejudice. So I got this thinking it would be picking up where p&p leaves off. Well, it does.. But the movie version. And it's told as if it's the authors hope to make this into an R rated movie and make lots of money on it. It was sooooo boring. And, way, way t... moreooooo much sex. Like pages.. Romantic scenes are great. But having Jane Austin's work turned into 21st century sex maniacs was too much. The wedding night went on forever.. And it's all they do. Yes, newlyweds do this quite a bit but let's have a story. As I said, I didn't finish reading it and this is all I got from it. This might be an enjoyable book if you like reading those types of lengthy scenes over and over again. But if your p&p fan/ hoping this picks up where Jane Austin left off, you will be disappointed.
review 2: This is not a Jane Austen book, as puritans to her tales will point out. There is a lot of mush, gush, and bed scenes.The author fell in love with the latest version of the movie, and picked up from there. I did not hate it..it did not have enough actual story line for me. There was lots of wooing, and kissing, and talk of forever, undying love, infact pages and pages. It seemed that the reserved Darcy is not reserved at all, and Lizzy has lost her caustic , and witty speech except for a few places.Since I was given this series as a gift, and I can read outside the box..I will finish the series.I just don't see the need to cover only 5 months, in over 300 pages. I hope she speeds the next one up. We understand that they are truly, and ardently in love..move on now..we need more story. Good first try though, for an Austen enthusiast...not a purist, but we need Austen lovers.... less
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not at all realistic
Yuck. That is all.
Worst. book. ever.
Amazing book
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