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Firebirds Soaring: An Anthology Of Original Speculative Fiction (2009)

by Sharyn November(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 5
0142405523 (ISBN13: 9780142405529)
review 1: Some stories were great, other in the okay to good range. All in all an interesting collection. Oftentimes the author's explanation of how a particular story/ ideas came about enhanced my enjoyment of a short story itself. I was most excited to read Court Ship by Sherwood Smith because I have enjoyed everything I have read by her before this and this lived up to expectations for me. Some of the authors I have never read before made me interested in reading more by them.
review 2: November's anthologies are always a nice mix of speculative fiction -- and I love that you get such a range of stories. These are intended to be for a YA audience, if I'm not mistaken, but a couple of them seemed out of place: Yolen's "Little Red" was VERY dark (so much so that I was s
... moreurprised it was by Yolen), and "Fear and Loathing..." (obviously a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson) while funny would probably pass right over the heads of most YA readers. Many of the stories featured female protagonists (YAY!); most of the stories were fairly typical in structure, but a few were more experimental in nature ("Fenix"). A couple of them were based on the worlds from other novels written by the authors, so if you hadn't read the novels, you were kind of lost ("Bonechewer's Legacy"). Here are the ones that really stood out for me: "Swinging on a Star" (and the author's note is great too!); "Ferryman"; "Three Twilight Tales" ((gorgeous traditional fantasy); "Power and Magic." less
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There were a few clunkers, but mostly it was excellent short stories in this anthology.
Better than average as anthologies go, but that doesn't mean I liked every story.
Lots of great short stories in this book.
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