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Lady Of Devices (2011)

by Shelley Adina(Favorite Author)
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Shelley Adina
Magnificent Devices
review 1: Considering that this was a free book on Amazon, I had low expectations, but the author blew me away! I enjoyed the characters, the world was believable and felt fleshed out. And it was good to read about a character that took matters into her own hands. I got hung up a little bit when she took up with the gang of children, but I was able to move past it quickly and lose myself in the story. I had intended to read it with a critical eye and watch for how the author built the characters and revealed the structure of her world, but alas. I got caught up in the story and forgot to watch those things. Oh well! I guess I will have to read it again!
review 2: I chose a steampunk novel to read for Dragon Con this year. I found this to be a passable read, but bas
... moreically uninspiring. It reads very much like a YA novel, which is fine, but the development of plot and character is lacking. It almost seemed as if the author had a plot in mind and simply added some steampunk features, and these additions didn't feel natural to me. Still, it was a moderately entertaining read, although I don't expect to read the follow-up novels. less
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I really enjoyed this book and plan to go find the next book in the series right away.
Steampunk with steam automobiles, electric guns, etc. What is not to like?
Immersive and thoroughly entertaining!
What a fun read
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