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Face (2009)

by Sherman Alexie(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 3
1931236704 (ISBN13: 9781931236706)
Hanging Loose Press
review 1: I like Alexie, but this is probably only a two and a half star book. This is raunchier than a lot of his other work. I found the potty humor poems got old after a while. I could see one or two, but come one now Sherman, give it up. Perhaps your boys are in the potty humor stage and you just got stuck. That being said, there are many fine, fine poems in here but you have to wade through the NC17 rating of the garbage poems to get to them. I love "A Comic Interlude" and "On the Second Anniversary of My Father's Death". Alexie writes, "Do I see my father in that bird because I see myself in that bird? In my grief and rage, have I grown wings and the need to destroy my own reflection? Do I want to destroy my face because it looks so much like my father's face? I don't want to ... morebe that cruel; I don't want to be that hateful. I want to be the child so in love with his father that he falls in love with the parts of his face that most resemble his father's" (115). This is the Alexie I love. I don't care for the Alexie that hyper-focuses on male body parts.
review 2: So if all you know of poetry are shakespearean sonnets and tennyson and that's why you don't like poetry, this is a Damn good place for you to start enjoying modern poetry. Alexie is a great novelist, and through his playful nature with words and love of sarcasm, shows he's also a great poet. You could say he's a poet and didn't know it to his face and i think alexie would get a kick out of you, as he is serious but doesn't take himself too seriously. And when he does, it's like he knows and you can see him hanging his head in shame, admitting that yes, he is only a mere mortal like yourself, dear reader. less
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I liked the book, but not my favorite of Alexie's writing.
My favorite Sherman Alexie poetry novel.
Some really good poetry in this one!
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