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惡の華 1 [Aku No Hana 1] (2010)

by Shuzo Oshimi(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 5
4063842770 (ISBN13: 9784063842777)
Flowers of Evil
review 1: I was very much on the fence at the end of this, the first volume of Flowers of Evil. But, I decided to continue as books very rarely grip from the first page, it can take a few volumes before it gets anywhere.This book focuses more on Kasuga and Nakamura. Saeki is very much a minor character.My main problem with this book was that Kasuga was set up as a very unlikeable character. He has friends around him, but decides to discard them as they don't have the same intellect as him. Nakamura on the other hand was very interesting from the start, and probably was the one that made me buy the next volume.Let's see what happens next
review 2: See Seth Hahne's more complete and great review. But I liked this a lot. Made me smile. Middle school horrors book. Kashuga is
... more a bookworm whose favorite book is Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil. One day on a whim he steals the gym clothes of a girl he likes; another girl who seems to like him observes this, blackmails him, ah, the anguish…. Baudelaire doesn't figure in too much in this one, except maybe in a mock-epic way, or maybe all the despair and anguish of the young poet are somehow equated with middle school melodrama, I don't know… But this feels real in some ways and fun squirmy in other ways. I guess the more I think of it Baudelaire focused on beauty and its changing nature, and one's changing relationship with and definitions of it, so that fits for middle school or for desire, generally. Fleeting, ephemeral experiences… hmm, maybe it fits better than I had initially thought! I recommend it; a very fast read but worth looking at. PS: Okay, now I read Seth's more thoughtful review on the Baudelaire point and agree with him completely, it's not random, it's thoughtful, and I like the collection even more than I did…. less
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I just?? I don't know what I expected but I didn't expect this??
It was so amazing I love this manga so much :D
A wonderfully twisted, psychological manga.
Càng về sau càng không thích =.=
What in the hell did I just read?
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