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Flowers Of Evil, Volume 3 (2012)

by Shuzo Oshimi(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 2
1935654489 (ISBN13: 9781935654483)
Flowers of Evil
review 1: The art felt stilted through a lot of this, making it harder to get into it. But I read this volume out of order, so maybe with more investment in the characters after reading volumes 1-2, it'll bother me less.The despair and urge to flee a stagnant, stifling town really comes through, though, despite the art and the being dropped willy-nilly into the plot--enough so that I want to read 1 & 2.
review 2: man i really don't get the critical response to this serieslike i read the first two volumes, concluded it was yet another series that mistakes cynical for deep and noped my way outbut then blogs i respect started heaping love on the series so i figured i'd give it a second chancei still don't see it?? the characters don't make sense, the only thing i can see dr
... moreiving the story forward is a determination to ~shock~ us all with middle school depravitybut that kind of deconstruction only works when you build up something to deconstruct; like the climax to this volume with kasuga's choice doesn't mean a thing to me when neither nakamura or saeki have been developed as plausible peoplehowever, it's a quick read and my library's got the next two volumes so i guess it can have two more chances to impress me2.5 stars less
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Welp, that was a rather unbelievable adult male fantasy of adolescent hormones.
it's getting more interesting.
who will he choose?
nice manga ;))
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