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The Stars Shine Bright (2012)

by Sibella Giorello(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 4
1595545360 (ISBN13: 9781595545367)
Thomas Nelson
Raleigh Harmon Mystery
review 1: I can't wait to help her solve another mystery! I hope that she writes another book in the series! I learned a little about the horse racing industry. Not conceivable that she was able to work undercover so long. Her fiancee Demott was a nightmare. Good riddance. Jack is a handful, but at least he respects her abilities. She always seems to want to act solo, but, in reality, I doubt that she would live under the dangerous circumstances she puts herself under. Still, it is entertaining.
review 2: I really would give this book three and a half stars. Don't know why but it took me a while to really get into this storyline but when I finally did it took off like a house on fire. The storyline is set around horse racing, animal rights activists, and what's g
... moreoing on in Raliegh's life. We, of course, solve a case and get the answers we need in that area but are left wondering about Raliegh and what's happening with her. Hmmm, am wondering if there's another book in the making. less
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I really liked this book. It was enjoyable as always. I always look forward to her next book.
Well, this is the end of the series.......so far :-) I look forward to the next book.
I can always count on this author to write a good story! I like Raleigh Harmon!
Did not care about the main character or care about her story, did not finish
The best of the series.
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