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Šapat Mrtvih (2009)

by Simon Beckett(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 2
David Hunter
review 1: As a huge fan of mystery and thrillers, I bought this book recently on a book fair . I've never heard of this author before, but after this one, I'm gonna get some more of his books. The story itself kept me awake almost entire night, it was gripping and creepy and unpredictable till the very last page.Have you seen the tv show "The Body Farm"? I did couple of years ago and previously had no idea that those places really exist. A body farm is a research facility where human decomposition is studied in a variety of settings in order to use the results for solving crimes, like timing and circumstances of death. I'm mentioning this because the story at the beginning reminded me of this tv show. But as the story continued, it was very different from it, it became a hell-of-a-... morethriller itself. D-r David Hunter is British anthropologist visiting his friend and mentor working on the famous Body Farm in US. But in the meantime, a murder happens under very unusual circumstances. Male body is found naked in a chalet, tortured. D-r Hunter's mentor works on the case and asks him to assist. Another body appears and it becomes obvious that it is serial killer we're talking about, and the chase of cat and mouse begins. But who's the cat, and who plays the role of the mouse? In the very same time we follow the story from the killer's point of view. From early days of his childhood to the very last killing, he tries to find the meaning of life, the point of survival. He is a scientist, he does his research doing trials and errors. In his mind , he has not done anything wrong.The story is fast-pacing thriller full of scenes too hard to imagine in real life. Not un-real, just very disturbing for a normal person with normal gut. Working on a Body Farm is for scientific purposes and it is done with already dead bodies, but doing it with people who are still alive is beyond all limits. It's a creepy story but also mysterious, full of turn-overs on almost every page. I enjoyed this one, and if you ask me for recommendation, I would say "Absolutely yes". My opinion: 4.5 / 5.
review 2: Der 3. Teil der David Hunter Reihe, steht seinen Vorgängern in Spannung, Unterhaltsamkeit und Durchlesen-Wollen-Potential in nichts nach. Diesmal will sich David bei einem Forschungsaufenthalt an der "Body Farm" in Tennessee von dem letzten Anschlag auf sich ablenken. Sein langjähriger Freund Tom überredet ihn, die letzte Gelegenheit zu nutzen noch einmal zusammen zu arbeiten, bevor Tom in Ruhestand gehen wird. Im Laufe der Ermittlungen tauchen immer mehr rätselhafte Indizien auf und zudem verschwinden immer mehr Personen aus dem Umkreis der Ermittlungen. Natürlich dauert es nicht lange, bis auch David ins Visier des Täters gerät...Man kann es sich eigentlich nicht vorstellen, aber Simon Beckett schafft es doch wieder, noch grausamere und abartige Tatortszenerien zu entwerfen als bisher. Von vertauschten Leichen, über mit Spritzen gespickten Leichen und Leichen, die sich in einem Schwimmbecken häufen, ist für jeden etwas dabei ;).Ein sehr unterhaltsamer und spannender Forensikroman, der auch beim 2. Mal lesen noch Spaß macht! less
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This was an exciting and bloody read. Really a good story if you enjoy reading about serial killers.
Me gustó más el segundo libro de la saga, pero aún así el Dr. Hunter nunca defrauda!
Loved it, absolutely brilliant! very fast paced and really really entertaining!
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