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The Fields Of Death (2010)

by Simon Scarrow(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 4
0755324390 (ISBN13: 9780755324392)
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Revolution Quartet
review 1: Wow..we finally see the end to the epic journey of Napoleon and Wellington. Get to live and understand what led to battle of Waterloo and how it was won. Its a amazingly well researched book. Best part is its easy to read and still make one understand the battles, strategy's and politics which shaped the 18th century. It does get a drag with the continues battles, it being over 600 pages book( my third of the series in a row- over 1800 pages of battle)This is the best way to tell History
review 2: A good series, though the characterizations of Wellington and Napoleon are a trifle wooden. Neither are painted as stalwart heroes, they both have significant flaws, but Napoleon comes off the worst: a bully and convinced he is always right and his generals are alway
... mores responsible for any failures of his strategies. Wellington is a bit better served, though his cool demeanor isn't very appealing. Battle scenes and strategy are well depicted. A good read for anyone interested in the Napoleonic Wars, but not for scholars of the period. less
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A superb ending to one of the best historical series I have ever read.
Great read for any fans of the Napoleonic era.
Good end to a good series!
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