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Moon Of The Terrible (2012)

by S.M. Reine(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 3
Red Iris Books
Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles
review 1: Wow... So much has happened in this book. Though I must say that I did enjoy seeing Elenor again. it was crazy to see how Cain fits perfectly into everything. To go on with the review. I will say that I love and enjoyed the book. I only gave it four stars because there were some events that happened in the story that just didn't seem right, like some of the character's response to certain situations. Other than that, the book was written beautifully and had so much more action that the last two books in the series. This is better than the last two books. I would recommend this book to everyone. I believe that everyone will enjoy the action and the adventure. However, I must point out that you do need to read Seasons of the Moon Series before you start the Cain Chroni... morecles.
review 2: I so hope Levi gets what is coming to him as he is an upstart who wants to be alpha yet doesn't deserve the title, taunting Abel about Riley, so immature and annoying. The introduction of Crystal is interesting, she reminds me of the cheerleader types at school who think their looks will get them everywhere but she has some tough competition if she wants Abel for herself. Seriously what is it with Eleanor, she just won't stay dead and I thought vampires were hard to kill but she takes it to a whole new level. Cain makes an appearance and more family secrets are revealed. When Seth checks in and says they are eloping, Abel knows something is wrong. I have always been Team Abel, even though he heard his brother propose he still dropped everything and rushed to find Rylie. He just barged in guns blazing, what a bloody heroic gesture, crazy and reckless yes but a guy you can depend on. Rylie's news will definitely put a spanner in the works and all sorts of complications will arise as she obviously has no memory of the times she is a wolf and it may just come back to haunt her. less
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The ending to this book is super exciting!!!! Time to start the next one!!!!
Love this series.
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