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The Duke Diaries (2013)

by Sophia Nash(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 1
0062022342 (ISBN13: 9780062022349)
Royal Entourage
review 1: Another of the Dukes is caught after the infamous night of drinking and partying before Candover's wedding. Rory, Duke of Abshire wakes up in Verity's bed, Candover's sister by the way, with Candover challenging him to a duel. Turns out she is the author of all of the columns detailing the excesses of the inner group of Prinny's circle. Rory is the ex-spy who also is the exfriend of Candover. Fun story to read.
review 2: First, it was way too many characters in this book. I couldn't keep up to what was going on half the time. Which really took away from trying to connect with the hero and heroine. Second, a lot of the dialog had the characters talking in circles, again lack of connection to the two main characters. I was getting annoyed. It was a struggle
... more to get through the book. I finished and realized I'm not a Sophia Nash fan. The only positive thing was I like that the hero said "I love you" first. less
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One big yawn. The plot wasn't sufficient enough to be a real problem
But I think I'm more interested in the other Dukes' stories.
First time reading this series and author. It was ok.
Sweet enjoyable quick read. I like Rory and Verity.
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