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Second Chance Romance (2000)

by Sophie Monroe(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: 3.5 starsThe story started out great, though I didn't like Noah's first POV coz it was more like a repeat so I did skip a few here and there. Things happened quite fast after their supposed lunch in his condo but it was good, they ended up together though it was like a friends with benefits thing. The love scenes weren't that detailed, which was okay.There were quite a lot grammatical/typo errors, it was okay at first but then a lot came poppin' up but it was okay... I'd rather read those with lots of typos than reading a boring as hell novel.I like the story flow, I like the characters and It was quite exciting. I didn't get bored at all, though I skipped some parts towards the end, especially their vows.
review 2: "Este es mi deseo para ti. Consuelo en los d
... moreías difíciles, sonrisa cuando la tristeza se entrometa y el arco iris para alejar las nubes, risas para besar tus labios, puestas de sol para calentar tu corazón, abrazos cuando los espíritus se hundan, la belleza de tus ojos para ver, amistades, para alegrar tu ser, fe, para que puedas creer, confianza para cuando dudes, valor para conocerte a ti mismo, paciencia para aceptar la verdad y amor para completar tu vida"Un libro que tiene de todo, es por decirlo vulgarmente, redondito.Se los recomiendo para entretenerse y exasperarse de vez en cuando. less
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I've never rated a book so low before. I love almost anything I read but this sucked.
Se reencuentran, vuelven repentinamente yo todo es bello. Ajá.
I loved this book!!! I could NOT put it down..... I want more!
3.5 stars
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