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Conflicted (2013)

by Sophie Monroe(Favorite Author)
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Sophie Monroe
review 1: I liked reading about Derek's story in "Conflicted," but boy, was his life and past effed up. Bad. I liked Joss, and didn't mind her character. I really wish that she and Derek would have pulled their heads out of their a**** from the very beginning, though. It took forever for them to come to realize what they had both felt for each other all along. That being said, I still enjoyed their journey together and thought everything turned out well in the end.
review 2: They say that you are only given the life you are strong enough to live, and it tests you, but sometimes it just seems plain unfair. - JossWow just freaking wow! This has officially become my new favorite in this series. I didn't think I would like anyone more than Jake, but I was wrong. I f'in LOVE
... moreDerek! This book is a rollercoaster of emotions! It literally has you second guessing who's going to end with who and if everyone is going to have a HEA!There's just so much emotion in the story of Derek, that you don't really feel sorry for him. More like a proud parent when he finally figures things out and tries to make amends and go for it. The way he tries with his father is just ...... I don't have words. But it show how much he grows emotionally throughout the book.Now as for his relationship with _____, it was one of those that you know they should be together but at the same they shouldn't. How they interact with each other is perfect but at the same time you can tell there's a lot of underlining in the relationship also.As for Derek's HEA, I wanted to see a little more into their future. That was so unfair how Sophie just leaves it hanging right after they get together! But I also felt confident in their relationship. Now we have to wait till the next book to see what happens with our Battlescars men!Life is a beautiful struggle. It’s like a recipe. There’s a dash of pain, regret, and uncertainty. A sprinkle of lust and love and usually some more pain thrown in for good measure, but if you stumble and fall pick yourself up, because it’s all worth it in the end..... - DerekTill next time ~ Sweets Books less
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My favorite of the three! Derek is so honest and Joss is his match!! Great book!!
I love books that throw me for a loop!! This was one of them. Loved it!
Fabbity fab fab fab. I love Derek!
Oh my gosh
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