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The Gorgeously Green Diet: How To Live Lean And Green (2009)

by Sophie Uliano(Favorite Author)
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0525951156 (ISBN13: 9780525951155)
Dutton Adult
review 1: This book is a few years old so it's not surprising that some of the information may be "outdated". I think it's not a bad reference for someone who is fairly new to the green movement. It actually has some great tips on how you can lessen your impact, and I liked the level concept (light green, bright green, deep green). That being said, I hate books that give you set menus to follow. They always seem incredibly repetitive and often I can't eat nearly as often/as much as they say to. This book was no different in that aspect. Also the week one shopping list for the deep green (which is how I try to eat anyway) was probably in the neighborhood of $300 considering you're buying a mostly organic and natural products. That's probably more than I spend on food in a month, s... moreo word to the wise...make sure you're committed to following through. Otherwise you're throwing a good chunk of money in the trash, or preferably, your compost pile.
review 2: Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably know most of the basics in this book: organic food has less chemicals/toxins/pesticides, eat "clean," eat less meat, eat more veggies and whole grains, cut way back or completely on the processed foods. Still, it's nice to have things laid out in an easy-to-digest form (pun intended hehe) coming from a non-judgmental voice. I skimmed through most of the book, but I guess I'm already Bright Green or Deep Green, so I guess the book isn't really for me. If you're new to the idea of eating "clean" and/or are interested in starting to eat more organic, healthier foods, then this book is probably a good place to start. I mentioned it previously, but it's nice to read a book about this kind of stuff that's not too preachy, non-judgmental, and doesn't bog the reader down with too many facts and statistics. less
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Most of the information was fairly elementary but it was good to refresh on some of it.
This is the book that really got me thinking green. Lots of useful information.
some interesting stuff and recipes but nowhere near as good as her other book
I love this book and continue to use it as a refernce.
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