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Rescued By The Rancher (2013)

by Soraya Lane(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 3
Soraya Lane
review 1: Novella/Short Story Ratings Book ♥♥♥3 Stars Author ♥♥♥3 starsTotal ♥♥♥3 starsThis truly was a cute, sweet, and very adorable book. I loved the story and I love me some Jake and Faith it was sweet, and real. I received this book as a "freebie" on amazon and lately they have been hit or miss this was definitely a hit. The only reason I give it 3 stars is because it was so predictable.
review 2: Sometimes us readers are very lucky because we're given a treat from our fave authors while we're waiting, waiting, waiting patiently for new-release day to arrive. Rescued by the Rancher is said treat. A perfect Novella to keep my eagerness at bay while I waited for The War Bride Club to release.Rescued by the Rancher is a sumptuous read that wraps itse
... morelf around my heart leaving me feeling all warm inside. Just like being wrapped up in a duvet on a rainy winters day. I felt emotionally stirred by Faith and Jake, two lost souls who are reunited in their home town. Both have broken hearts for powerful reasons, their pasts are heart-wrenching, but none the less it's their pasts that lead them to their future together. Toss in some intrigue, mystery and some well deserved loving you've got yourself an ace read.Sometimes during maybe lunchtime or when you're at home with an hour to kill or you have a rare occasion to snatch some time to yourself, Rescued by the Rancher is the perfect read, you cant go past it. It can be read in a lunchtime, it's a quick read with all the passionate, moving, mystery and sunshiney bits that any full novel has. Infact I think this was like only reading the best bits in a novel. It could quite easily be padded out to make a full size novel and I'd still enjoy it.Feeling as I do after finishing Rescued by the Rancher, if you have read Sorya's books before you will know exactly what I mean when I say Rescued another beautiful classic Soraya Lane story. less
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Quick but worthy story - he comes to the rescue but in the end she saves him as well. Nice.
Just okay. Weird italics usage kept ripping me out of the story.
This was a great story. it would make a great novel.
This was such a sweet story :)
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