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The Art Of Being Unmistakable (2000)

by Srinivas Rao(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I took my daughter to the hospital today so she could get an medicine infusion that she needs every eight weeks because of a chronic condition. These infusion sessions usually last about three hours of so, so I decided to read something while I waited. Looking the "recommended titles" the Kindle Store provided, I came across this book by Srinivas Rao. I had heard a little about it from the ravings of Glenn Beck on his radio show. Apparently, Glenn was so impressed with Rao's book (which Glenn just accidentally stumbled upon) he had him on his TV show. I'm sure Rao is enjoying lots of success as a result of this entirely unexpected publicity.I found Rao's book to be insightful and inspiring. I hope his next book takes the concepts established in this small piece and explore... mores them further so that it can be a more substantial piece. I read "The Art of Being Unmistakable" in less than two hours, so it's definitely a quick read. Why not give a five star review? Because I'm stingy with my five-star accolades. And I felt Rao's book suffered from one flaw: He's single and, as far as I can tell, childless. I think his perspective on life would change somewhat if he was married and had spent some time in the role of a parent. There's a lot more pressure upon you when you're supporting a family to get into a position of relative success and then take what life gives you. I think Rao's suggestions are still entirely relevant for those of us who live the family life. For reasons that should be obvious, I can't decide I dislike my job and go spend all my time fishing while I ponder what I really want to do with my life. While that's an overgeneralization of Rao's prescription, I think it just requires some tweaks to stay true to your responsibilities while still growing into a person that Rao would call "being unmistakable."
review 2: Although this book is overwhelming with quotes, largely from the same people, and is extremely short, it isn't /entirely/ 'bad' or poorly written. But it is largely the same advice you'd get from a other 'be true to yourself', lifestyle design books, a common trend since 4HWW, except isn't nearly as good. Read if you want, but for better alternatives, you may want to try authors like James Altucher, Seth Godin, or Chris Guillebeau. less
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It had some interesting ideas. Not sure how much they can be applied to non artistic types though.
This is a short but energetic and inspiring reminder of the value of differentiating yourself.
4.30 Stars. I like this book, time to embrace the inner misfit and become unmistakable ;)
Fun short little book, which will leave you with some deeper thoughts to think about.
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