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Point Of Return (2000)

by Stacey Lynn(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 4
Nordic Lords MC
review 1: I'll start by saying I loved this book once I read it. I must have started to read this 4-5 times. Every time I read the synopsis I'd get the sample and then give up. I'm not sure why, but this time I kept at it and LOVED it! I also realized I had a different view of the heroine than when I started. My impression of Olivia at the beginning was a very young and immature girl (18-20) who was pitiful, pregnant, and practically homeless. Half of that is right, but Olivia is so much more. She's definitely more full of life, personality and humor than how she's introduced. By the end I liked her a lot and was rooting for her and Daemon. I also liked how their friends and characters for the next few books were introduced. I really didn't see the twist coming at the end (who was b... moreehind the family's murders). I liked that unexpected twist and made me appreciate the book even more.
review 2: Bikers and Mafia 3.5 starsUmm it wasn't a bad read, I liked the hero's POV a lot but unfortunately the heroine left me feeling weird. She seemed a flaky to me. She'd behave and react in weird manner. Overall the story had meat but she left me cold. Daemon was like all hot and super alpha biker men that we all love, I really did like the story as it unfolded but then due to the heroine's reactions I kind of felt off. It's not that I didn't like it, I mean I did finish it, so of course I liked but not as much as I thought I would.The story starts at the point when Liv can't believe she's back where she didn't want to be in the first place. Life has a way of swinging and taking you out, whether you choose to get up is entirely up to you. Liv is back and she isn't sure she wants to be back to her family of bikers. He dad is the Pres and she's the princess but there's a lot of heartache from the past and in the present. Daemon is badass but he's sweet, he's a goner for Liv. The other characters like Jaden, Finn and Ryker were interesting. The rivalry between the clubs also made an impact, it also reveals to all how much bad shit they have between them and how big of a role the Black Death has played in creating havoc in Liv's live. But while Daemon is trying to keep her safe and not hurting, he unveils a truth so heinous that he is sure that she will live him like she did the last time that the shit hit the fan. So, other than the weirdass reactions from our heroine, I believe you will enjoy the book. SO find out if Daemon will get his princess, buy the book and check out if there's a HEA in his biker's world after all. less
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If the heroine wasn't so nails on the chalkboard irritating this book would have totally ROCKED!!!
A little slow here and there. Loved the drawn out forplay!! Great read
Good Book!!!
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