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Grounding Quinn (2011)

by Steph Campbell(Favorite Author)
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review 1: (Source: I own a copy of this book.)Quinn likes to steal her mother’s pills, and likes the buzz they give her, she also likes sex. When she starts dating a new boy called Ben, she wants to have sex with him, but he’s a virgin, and doesn’t want to rush into things.Can Quinn wait for Ben though? And will popping her mother’s pills land her in the hospital?I really wish I hadn’t bothered reading this book; it was dull, and fairly boring.I didn’t really like Quinn, and I couldn’t relate to her. I didn’t get enough from her to really empathise with her situation, and as such, she bored me.The storyline was okay, but again, I just couldn’t connect to the story. The pace was too slow, and I basically just felt bored throughout most of the book. I wasn’t impres... moresed with the way a guy from Quinn’s father office kept making passes at her, I wasn’t impressed at the way she responded to him, and I also wasn’t impressed at the way her father seemed to be having multiple affairs himself!The romance did nothing for me, and when I got to the end I have to say that I was just glad to have finished.Overall; dull4 out of 10.
review 2: I’m going to say straight off the bat (SPOILER) this book contains cheating. This for me is normally a no-go, however, Quinn surprised me by making me feel empathy for her instead of complete disgust. Quinn’s sass and sarcasm aided how much I was able to relate to her ;)Quinn is a deeply ‘broken’ character, her unstable family life has had a profound effect on her ability to form meaningful and trusting relationships. So when her feelings for Ben take her by surprise doubled by her insecurities, she does what she does best and pushes him away. Using another man to accomplish the goal. Quinn’s feelings of self-disgust and hatred make her easier to like as opposed to wanting to punish her for her stupidity. You can’t help but feel sorry for her, not only does her home life affect her but she has the most evil frenemy in the shape of Tessa, coupled with Ben’s mother’s prejudice towards her. It is enough to send anyone into the arms of someone else just for a moments comfort. For me this was the most surprising thing about Grounding Quinn, cheating for me is an act of betrayal yet I could understand Quinn’s motives – colour me shocked.Ben takes the whole White Knight complex to a new level. While I did like him I really felt as if he needed to grow a pair ;) Unfortuately, he doesn’t think about how his actions (good intentions aside) are going to affect certain situations. He is also on the naive side, where certain things were obvious to the outside observer Ben seemed oblivious and I just wanted to shake him for it.Grounding Quinn was a surprise read for me, making me re-evaluate certain assumptions I tend to make. less
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i liked it, but this book felt so short and incomplete. And the cheating thing pissed me off.
Grounding Quinn was a cute, fast and easy read.
Eh.. it was ok...
4.5 stars.
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