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Ballads Of Suburbia (2009)

by Stephanie Kuehnert(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 3
1439102821 (ISBN13: 9781439102824)
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review 1: This is such a powerful book. It isn't often that a book really changes you, or the way you think. Despite growing up in suburbia, the nice neighborhood, or in good schools, everyone has their own problems. Ballads of Suburbia is the story of several teenagers, living in a Chicago suburb. Kara is telling her story, and through her story we learn everyone's. The characters deal with drug use, divorce, bullying, cutting, but it isn't just about those things. It isn't a soapbox for Kuehnert, it is these young peoples lives revealed. The things that the closest people to them know nothing about. By not sharing their story with one another, the people they call friends, they face a lot of issues that could of possibly been prevented. I would recommend this book to anyone, regar... moredless of your favorite genre.
review 2: Powerfully captures the victims of suburban affluence and parental obsession with themselves, their jobs. It really is the parents' fault. Sorry I did not read this book before I moved to Oak Park. It made me realize I was only bringing my children back to what I left in my own affluent suburb. After reading it, I said to my son, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize how difficult it was to be a teenager these days." He thanked me for saying that. Read it if you have the courage. less
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I like how this started before the main 'event' and went through everything that built up to it...
i enjoyed this book and the way she put the story together. a good summer read.
Starts out slow, but becomes quite intense toward the end. Amazing.
A heavy-metal young adult novel. A nice de-stress book
Painful, young and compelling.
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