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Midnight (2011)

by Stephen Leather(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 5
1444700669 (ISBN13: 9781444700664)
Hodder & Stoughton
Jack Nightingale
review 1: I found this book to be much more interesting and exciting than the first book Nightfall, (which I rated 3 stars). But I also found this book had the same major flaw that the first one had. It was a strong and gripping story all the way through, but then the ending felt rushed and lazy. It's like the author put all his effort into the story and then just gave up on the ending, or someone else with less skill finished the book. And what was up with Nightingale giving Prosperine a rose and perfume, and her accepting them like a giddy little school girl! SHE'S A DEMON! she should've burned the rose and threw the bottle back at Nightingale! Demons just don't turn into innocent little kittens when presented with gifts. I understand that it will probably tie in with the third bo... moreok, but that was a huge weak spot in the story. Overall the book was a nail biting, edge of your seat thrill ride and I am looking forward to reading the third book, Nightmare, even though it may contain the same thrill ride with the same lack luster ending as the first two.
review 2: I bought the first two books in this series during an Audible sale. I LOVED the first one - enough to overlook some minor irritations but I didn't enjoy this one nearly as much. If the sentences "Nightingale shrugged" or "Nightingale lit a cigarette" were removed from the book, I'm sure it would cut the length by a third. And it wasn't only Nightingale who shrugged, everyone did. I felt that the plot really was just a poor rehash of the first story which was really disappointing. I have already bought the third book (because I enjoyed the first one so much) and I will read it but it's lost its place at the top of my TBR list :( less
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A bit similar to the first book but still an enjoyable read.
So far similar to the first book but still pretty good.
really enjoyed 2nd installment,reading 3 now
I love this series!
Now onto book three
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