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April In Moscow (Penguin Joint Venture Readers) (1998)

by Stephen Rabley(Favorite Author)
2.84 of 5 Votes: 5
0582402972 (ISBN13: 9780582402973)
review 1: I'm currently reading the Penguin Beginners books in hopes to gain better understanding of how to write/speak to those who are new to the language. So far the theme of boy/girl crushes has been constant which I think is a good tactic to capture the attention of those young learners. The use of images in each page promotes a better understanding of the story. Also, the questions at the end of the book are extremely helpful as they improve the learners comprehension and improve their language skills and vocabulary. My two star rating is due to my personal dislike of the boy/girl crush theme.But, I highly recommend it for learners as well as new readers who get bored of long books.
review 2: Now I'm learning english. It reachs with the at the call "Learn through r
... moreeading or die". I have the collection of english books from the set of "Penguin Reader". I'm beginning with the level 0 (Graded Readers -> Easystarts with 200 headwords).This was my first book in this set. I find it good. The book is good readable, I was no problems with this word lexicon.I recommend it for any readers, there begin with the english books.It's going on!.. See you later by my new reviews. Please no strong criticize my bad english style. I'm only learning it.To book: small story wit the trip to Moscow."Moscow is calling...", The Bolshoi, The Kremlin.... cooland nessarily in between times an unexpected meeting of a diligent dancer April Fox with an young man.... less
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A love story. If you speak English you might get a beautiful English dancer...
I read it , for course english =))(parcel .. lake) !
I was learn a new words from this story.
Good For Beginners.
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