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Carnal Curiosity (2014)

by Stuart Woods(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 4
0399164162 (ISBN13: 9780399164163)
Putnam Adult
Stone Barrington
review 1: If it wasn't for the plot development and the dialogue between Stone Barrington and best bud Dino B. I would more than likely NOT read these books. The sexual escapades with specific details is BORING and detracts from the story line. Every time this author has the main character jumping into the sack with one "beautiful lady" and then another and then another....please...enough already!!!! At the rate Stone Barrington goes through women you would have to believe he either has contracted a sexually transmitted disease, had a heart attack or stroke. But...the plots are fun as is the interaction between Stone and Dino and I enjoy everything ELSE about his Stone Barrington series.
review 2: A vapid piece of literature that would work best if reading on a beach
... more or on an airplane. I have read all 29 Stone Barrington novels. They are now just formulaic and full of caricatures of the original players. The plot set ups are now atrocious. In the first 20 pages of this book Stone meets and beds the woman, we get references to past books and plots, a sarcastic (and needless) political aside is inserted, and basically all of the characters are thrown into the mix. There is no intent to make any of the plot smooth or well-thought-out. It's just a dump of information. I'm disappointed. I'm sad. I'm done. Goodbye Stone. less
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Moves along quickly enough, but to what avail? Seriously considering parting ways with this series.
It was entertaining enough, but a bit formulaic. Might be time to retire Stone Barrington......
Pretty much done with this series. Getting dumber by the book
Not my favorite. He may be cranking them out too fast.
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