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Goodbye Phillip (2012)

by Summer Devon(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 4
M/M Romance Group @ goodreads
review 1: This was just a really super fun story. Quite short, just a novella, but the characters were quite well developed and the situation was just fun. I'd have given it five stars, but I didn't really get the ending. The epilog didn't seem to fit and it ended a little too abruptly. There are a few editing issues: omitted words and a couple extra. Other than that a totally entertaining read. Wish it had been longer. I could have easily settled in with these guys for a couple more evenings!
review 2: Loved it, for such a short story it was so well rounded, Every character felt real like the inclusions of people we don't meet, like Greg's brother and Stefan's friend, Stefan was such a great character with self-respect and a mature way, he was aware that now all
... more his choices would affect his daughter (which is something a lot of IRL people don't think about) and Greg was as well, I loved how once he realized something was wrong he stepped up his game, such a lovely and heartwarming story intended to leave you smiling by the last word. less
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Love the story, Stefan and Greg and little Emily. Please give me the rest of the story.
I liked the story but I didn't feel it very much.
I really enjoyed this one.
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