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Son Umutlar Kraliçesi (2000)

by Susan Higginbotham(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: I really didnt expect to like this book very much and I didnt I loved it, having read a fair few books on the wars of the roses,always biased towards the yorks, how refreshing to read one from the viewpoint of the Lancaster's., I have always had such a strong view ofMargaret of anjou and her son Edward and it wasn't a particularly nice one, and I have to say this book has not completely changed my mind but has maybe made me view things a little differently, I enjoyed the different viewpoints in the book of the different characters and genuinely felt for Margaret throughout the book who knows if Margaret was the vile evil queen portrayed by so many authors or if she had some compassion if she was indeed a strong heroic woman fighting for her cause, for her husband, for her ... moreson. After reading this book i think that there's a strong possibility she may have been the latter. I was so absorbed by this novel and would recommend to anyone who has only read books from a Yorkist viewpoint.
review 2: Exceptionally good. The story of Margaret of Anjou, wife to King Henry during the War of the Roses - Lancaster and York. My history of this period in history is murky and with so many Henrys on the throne confusing as to who is who. Susan Higginbotham helps unravel the various family members with a dammed good accounting of the battles between Henry and Edward of York and the politicking that went on over the years. Margaret was a fabulous lady, strong, loyal and a fierce mother to her son. Sadly, I think history has been rather cruel to this lady with slurs and a twisting of the facts and all she tried to do for her husband and son. I very much enjoyed this different slant on the lady. less
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interesting to read the Lancaster side of things after focusing so much on the York side.
one of the few books i could not finish due to being overly boring.
Margaret of Anjou; her story is compelling.
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