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The Stolen Crown: The Secret Marriage That Forever Changed The Fate Of England (2010)

by Susan Higginbotham(Favorite Author)
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1402237669 (ISBN13: 9781402237669)
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review 1: Even with the "Cast of Characters" list in the front, I was constantly trying to figure out who was who, how they were related, and if they were friends or enemies. Of course the author can't help that they were all named Edward, Henry, John, or Richard, and Elizabeth, Anne, Katherine, or Margaret. Their shifting loyalties do mean that friends can become enemies, or you just don't know. It was the shifting loyalties that caused the greatest problems for the characters, and also for me the reader. By trying to cover the stories of so many people the main characters got a bit muddled. There was the strange moment of Stafford's homoerotic kiss that really deserved further discussion. Katherine's life was a main focus in the beginning of the book, but, oh she's married, not s... moreo much about her anymore. It could have been so much more.
review 2: This was a pretty good book. I had some trouble in the beginning simply because I wasn't familiar with the War of the Roses. I just kept my ipad by my side to look everyone up. The beginning of the book was intriguing and held my attention as it set everything up. However, most of the action took place in a short amount of time towards the end of the novel. Once everything began happening I really couldn't put the book down!If you like lengthy historical fiction novels go for it, but if you want action from beginning to end you may want to think twice before committing to this particular novel. less
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I really enjoyed this book and it has changed some of my opinions about The Wars of The Roses
Helped me to understand English history better and put a better perspective on Henry VIII.
Excellent historical fiction with great attention to detail & historical accuracy
Duke and Duchess of Buckinghame book
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