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The Ice Cream Queen Of Orchard Street (2014)

by Susan Jane Gilman(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 4
0446578932 (ISBN13: 9780446578936)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: It was an interesting story (although, I think it would have benefitted from a little editing). I think it could make a good book discussion. The main character is alternately likeable and irritating. The one thing that bugged me the most (probably very silly on my part) is that she is a jewish woman that was raised by an Italian family from the age of 8 and yet as an adult she is the stereotypical jewish yenta with lots of Chutzpah (which was very enjoyable) but it seems to be that she should have probably picked up some of the Italian mannerisms and sayings from the family that essentially adopted her and raised her to adulthood.
review 2: This is another American Tall Tale with a not-entirely-trustworthy narrator, the fictional hero who built her life up
... morefrom adversity during the formation of America's "greatest generation." As this book reminds readers, much of the motivation of our forefathers came from abject terror of real poverty, something that builds character far better than prosperity, but nobody in their right mind wants their own kids to experience. Malka / Lillian is sharp, funny, damaged, generous, cold, with a hunger for power that can't quite counter balance her fear of someday being actually starving again. Why is the American Dream like ice cream? It's dazzling color in the eyes and creates an obsessive craving, but it turns out is made of mostly whipped-up, empty air. Consume it quickly while you still can. less
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I enjoyed the book about an immigrant that makes good and her hick ups along the way
Nice read nice story
What a treat!
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