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Only His (2011)

by Susan Mallery(Favorite Author)
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0373776012 (ISBN13: 9780373776016)
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Fool's Gold
review 1: Nevada wants to try for a larger scale job than what she has been doing for Ethan at their family business. So she applies for a job on the new hotel that's being built by Janack Construction. But she is stunned when she shows up for the interview. It's not Mr. Janack, it's his son Tucker that is running this project.Nevada and Tucker had an encounter when she was a freshman in college. Tucker was 23 at the time and madly in love with Cat, a sculptor. She broke up with him and told Nevada to go to him. Cat knew Nevada had feelings for Tucker. That night was a disaster and Cat and Tucker got back together the next day. Nevada had not seen Tucker for 10 years until the interview.She still has feelings for him.He only plans to stay about a year to get the project going. He as... moreked Nevada to show him around town to get the women off of him but when he kissed her there was a spark. Will Fool's Gold turn it's magic on Tucker?
review 2: I liked Nevada. She's intelligent, driven, compassionate and one of the Hendrix family triplets. She applies for her dream job only to run into an ex-crush, she now realizes she never got over. There are a lot of decisions and emotions Nevada is dealing with as she starts an important job and deals with her two sisters getting married. She also has to work with her first love. Tucker was hard to like. He's a loner who has shut himself off from love after a bad romance with a temperamental artist. He doesn't want to settle down. Nevada and him have chemistry and a past but he doesn't want to deal with emotions.Jo reluctantly and cautiously allows Will to enter her life.Cat is a successful artist who is a self-centered egotist. I didn't like her which was the point. She's a user and a taker and then walks on. Her feminist side is too much for Fool's Gold and Nevada.Overall a well written story. I enjoyed reading Nevada's HEA story! less
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like this series. ...fun learning about all the characters and the changes in Fools Gold
It was good!
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