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Protecting Caroline (2014)

by Susan Stoker(Favorite Author)
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Susan Stoker
SEAL of Protection
review 1: I just signed up for Amazon Unlimited and this book caught my attention. I find romance books about SEALs to be very interesting and I'd like to see more good ones out there. So I read the cover for this book, it seemed to have the markers I like to look for in my non paranormal romances, 1 super alpha male, hopefully reduced to a puddle of mush when he least expects it by a little bit of a woman. 2 I like to see the damsel in distress, this is hard to pull off successfully in my opinion as they can be too wimpy and whiney and just end up annoying or not REALY a DiD. 3 I really like to see the woman contribute of not be responsible for saving the day when the book isn't solely focused on an individual female heroine.This book had it ALL. I absolutely loved this book so muc... moreh that, even though I have free access to it anytime I want with Amazon Unlimited, I had to buy it. If you find it hard to set a book aside if it's getting exciting, I'd recommend reading this book on your next day off after all your chores are done and have some stew or something in a crockpot or delivery on speed dial so you don't have to do anything more than serve yourself. I read this book cover to cover with little more than bathroom breaks and making dinner. I did not want to put it down, there is very little 'down time' in this book but it didn't feel crowded with too much going on and the story felt right. I highly recommend to anyone who likes romance novels and if you don't mind no paranormal aspects in a book (regularly or occasionally).Though it currently isn't listed as such on GR, it is the first book in a series of 7. The second book (Protecting Alabama) is currently out and the third book, Projecting Fiona is slotted for next month. The last book is projected to be released in September of 2015. The series is now called SEAL of Protection.
review 2: 3 meh starsThis was okay. Not bad but not great. My biggest issues with the book was that Caroline was so insecure that it annoyed me. For someone so brave and so strong her whiny insecure self was an welcomed contradiction to the smart take no prisoners woman Wolf falls for. Also, the fact that she refuses to use their nicknames is way too confusing. Instead of just having to keep the 7 guys straight in my head I had to keep up with which nickname belonged to which person she was referring to. It was like having 14 different characters and it just became a clusterf@$k. It really was ridiculous that she didn't call them by the names they preferred and wanted to be called. It made it hard for me really get a clear picture of who any of the guys were because I was too busy trying to keep straight who they were talking about or to. Advice to the author. Either call them by their real names or their nick names but don't have some people refer to them one way and others another. Just way too confusing. less
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Love love loved it. Full of action. Story flowed nicely.
*sigh..I am in love♥ A must read!
Good story line with great timing.
Absolutely loved this book!
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