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Flaming Hearts (2014)

by Susan Stoker(Favorite Author)
4.55 of 5 Votes: 4
Beau Coup Publishing LLC
Beyond Reality
review 1: Totally blown away. Romance novels are not at the top of my list, or should i say there use to be, When I read Susan Stoker's first book it got my attention from the get go. I hater to put it down so, i read it a second time. When i realized the time was near for the second book i decided to read it a third time and in preparation for book two, Flaming Heats. Book two did NOT disappoint. As hard as it is to imagine, I LOVED the second book even more than the first. Full of intrigue and twists made it impossible to put down. Susan, you are killing me! I am hooked to the amazing talent and writing skills of Author Susan Stoker. Please continue on this writing path. If your passion and love for writing continues to to excel at this pace i will be pacing and counting not days ... morebut hours until the next book releases.Good job.........love your books!!!!!!!!!!!!
review 2: Book Excursions Book Review5 Stars!!!Becky has finally landed her own reality TV show (or so she thought). She soon discovers that the spotlight has to be shared with another woman. The reality show is a competition for the attention of the male contestants and Becky and Marissa are pitted against each other. Becky is as miserable as hell, this was not her idea of a reality show at all. She soon meets the most wonderful man while on the show, but the problem is that he isn’t one of the contestants. Dean had always known he would find the woman who was meant for him. He didn’t expect to find her on a reality television show; the same show that his brother is a cameraman for. So he plots with his brother to win the affections of Becky all while doing this behind the back of the producer, but getting away with it is the tricky part. Becky can’t comprehend what it is Dean sees in her, but cannot deny the strong connection and attraction she feels towards Dean. Late night talks and regular visits make their connection grow stronger. As much as Becky just wants to quit she has contract to fulfill. Both Becky and Dean are counting the days until the show is finally over and they can really get to know each other. With only a few days left to go on the show Dean gets called away to work. An incident on the show leaves Becky vulnerable and her life threatened. With Dean gone, Becky struggles to see a future with Dean and makes a life altering decision. Read the book to find out if Becky and Dean survive this life altering event and the turmoil that comes their way. I was hooked into this book very quickly. Becky is a really loveable character. Eddie (the producer) is pompous and only interested in making a hit reality TV show. Dean’s character is strong and protective of those he loves. You can feel the connection these two characters share almost immediately. Susan Stoker throws in a few plot lines that you don’t expect and one that’s leaves you gasping for air; it honestly felt like my heart stopped. This is a Romantic story of the classic kind with a little suspense thrown in too. If you love a classic romance and suspense with a strong female and a hot male lead then you will love this book. less
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Lots of good twists and turns. Excellent fast pace. Would make a great movie
Really enjoyed this story. The characters are so well developed.
I enjoyed this more than the first and I even cried a bit.
Good romance
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