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Outback Hearts (2014)

by Susan Stoker(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 4
Beau Coup Publishing
Beyond Reality
review 1: I really liked this book. I loved Sam and Alex. Sam was picked to be a contestant in a reality TV show. She entered on a lark with her best friends. Somehow she was chosen. When she gets there she sees all the other women. Those women are all tall, skinny, and beautiful. Sam feels out of place because she sees herself as average. Alex also entered on a lark. He was chosen to be the male lead who would pick his true love. Gag!!! I say gag because of what these women will go through and do just to get a date with Alex. Those "ie" women just killed me. The show picked women who had the "ie" sound at the end of their names. They changed Sam's name to Sammi. I wanted to slap those women. I felt so bad for Sammi so many times. If I swung the other way, I would hav... moree picked Sam. She is the type of girl that you hope your son will end up with....REAL!!! I felt that the author did a good job of giving us a behind the scenes account of the drama on this type of show. Alex and Sam share a few moments. You can tell that they have that spark between them even though they don't get much time together. I was upset during most of the book. Thank goodness we got a dual point of view or I would have been ready to have closed this book. No cliffhanger.
review 2: I both liked and disliked this book in equal parts.I enjoyed when Alex and Sam were together but didn't really like that he was so taken with her when they barely got any real time together.I actually cried a little over that barn part. I mean that was seriously mean. Scenes like those just make me like Sam even more. Poor Alex he couldn't even say anything to comfort her during certain parts of the book because of the stupid shows "rules".Even with Alex knowing what was really going on and not being in control most of the time I don't see how he kept missy and courtnee as long as he did. Kathi I get why she was there but the others who were complete bitches I didn't understand.Would have liked more background on the H/h but it was kind of a short book so not a lot of time to go into detail.This was a clean romance. Nothing more than some making out. Since there was no sex between the characters I would have liked some more intimate kissing between them. Fell short in some parts but kept me engaged throughout the whole story so it was tough deciding on a rating. Would recommend because there really wasn't any reason anyone shouldn't read it. less
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Longer review later...read my updates in the meantime. So much hope for this one!
I don't watch reality TV so this book was an interesting departure for me.
WOuld make a great movie.
DNF at 1%
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