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Protecting Fiona (2014)

by Susan Stoker(Favorite Author)
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Susan Stoker
SEAL of Protection
review 1: 0 stars.OK, I can't get on board with all the rave reviews.The woman was traumatized. TRAUMATIZED. And the day that she emerges from a 5-day drug withdrawal hell - THE SAME DAY, PEOPLE - Cookie's all up in her space? Naked in her bed? And the author thinks this is something a traumatized woman would be perfectly fine with? The author is wrong, and by being as wrong as she is, she's perpetuating some very, very dangerous ideas about rape, abuse and trauma victims.#1. Stoker is saying that a victim just needs a big strong man to give her a hug. No. A victim needs the time and space to let a man (or anyone, really) in to her personal space. That must be her choice and her invitation. The end.#2. Stoker's saying that orgasm is magical. Like, all that healing is about is a man'... mores ability to make a traumatized woman come. Again, no. Healing is about time (there's that word again!), and healing from within. A good man can help with that, but he cannot be the catalyst for it.#3. Where the hell was the medical treatment? The counselling? Nope, not necessary in SS world. Again, all a victim needs is a hot man in her bed giving her a hug and orgasms. Solves everything!I work with trauma victims, and I know that this is exactly the kind of book that makes it harder for them to truly heal, or to ask for what they really need. Anyone reading this book would tell my patients, "Oh! It's easy and it takes no time at all - like a week! Get a big strong man and all will be cool!" Nonsense. Makes me see red.You really want to read a romance novel that gets the healing process from trauma right, and you want the book to be compassionate, warm and beautiful? Read 'Enemy Mine' by Marysol James. I've never seen it done better. I've even recommended it to my patients AND their partners. That's how good it is.This book? Twaddle.
review 2: If you need a damsel in distress fix, this series is awesome for that. This is the third book in the series, none of the women are weak in any way, they have all survived or will survive horrific hardships and will be able to overcome those hardships with the support of their alpha man and company. All of the women thus far in the series have backbones of steel and are quite good matches for the hardened yet loving SEAL men they are meant for.This book could have used just a touch more editing and a bit of finessing but it fills that need for the super woman who just needs a good man to get her through it. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes romance books about SEALS, and/or a few good scenes of the classic damsel in distress.Though you can read this book as a standalone, it’s recommended and I agree that you should read them in order to get the dynamic of the group and understand the existing relationships. less
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This is a great series and this book is a great addition to it
Other than the name cookie liked this one a lot.
Wow! So sad and scary.Thank goodness for Cookie
I loved it a lot
Oh so sad!
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