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Protecting Alabama (2000)

by Susan Stoker(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 9
SEAL of Protection
review 1: Protecting Alabama is a story of finding love, hope, and a future. When the story begins, we are exposed to the saddness Alabama’s childhood, seeing the horrors she faced as a baby through her teens before being placed in foster care after a brutal attack from her mother. She has never known love and true kindness. Her life is so lonely yet she embraces her freedom and works hard, making a life and way for herself. When she meets Christopher, she begins to wonder what life would be like to love and be loved by someone like him. They meet at a party and when danger strikes, she has the state of mind to save people from death and take care of those who look down on her. She saves Christopher’s life and he decides that a woman like that is worth pursuing. A romance begin... mores to bloom between the two, but it is slow and steady. Alabama must learn to trust and open her heart and life without fear of pain and rejection. When accusations are made and hardship endures, their growing trust is shattered and the questions remains, will they be able to overcome or go their separate ways?This was a sweet story of healing and love. Alabama is a quiet woman who has an inner strength that the world cannot see. She has endured abuse and hardships. She is a survivor of her circumstances. She works hard and is learning to embrace her life. She is a beautiful character and I loved seeing how she faces her past and demons. She is frail yet strong, something that doesn’t seem to make sense yet rings true with each word you read about her. She moves forward no matter what life throws at her. Christopher is the dominating SEAL who fights for what he wants, and he wants Alabama. He knows enough and has seen enough in his life to know that she has been through a hell like one he couldn’t relate too. If he wants her in his life, patience, kindness, and trust are the foundation to a future love. He is a man that values truth, above all else. His love, understanding, and pursuit of Alabama was kind and perfect! I loved watching him care for her in every way possible.The connection between the hero and heroine of this story is like a slow burn of love. There is attraction. At first it is based on first impressions and physical attraction, then through observation and initial interaction, there is a mutual respect and curiosity as to what the other is like. This curiosity grows and establishes a connection that will be hard to break. As their relationship grows, they are a team, working through Alabama’s past and looking to a future together. I feel like the story paced well and allowed for the romance to grow somewhat naturally. Yet with every good book, there is a conflict that has the power to make or break a couple. When Alabama and Christopher face that conflict it is devastating. Words are spoken and trust is destroyed. It was heart breaking to watch them attempt to find their balance in a world that suddenly seemed off kilter. There is so much emotion written into this scene that it is hard to watch it unfold. You cannot help but feel the hurt, betrayal, and sadness.This book was a quick and good read. It has a lovely romance story and an even better story of a woman’s healing and life. If you are fan of the SEAL OF PROTECTION series, of Susan, or just looking for a good romance novel, then make sure to check this story out!
review 2: 3.5*** Alabama was the quiet in the shadows kind of girl. She was abused as a child and as an adult has issues. She barely talks and works alone at night as a janitor. At a company party she meets Abe (Christopher) who is of course an alpha seal.This the 2nd book in the series. It was so difficult to believe that it would be in the protecting series. Alabama didn't need to be physically protected like Caroline did. I think the Arthur was going for emotionally protecting but that was a little bit redundant. Abe had everybody treating her with such kid gloves that it lost a bit of appeal. Abe also didn't protect her when the 1 time she did need him. less
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