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The Tale Of Oat Cake Crag (2010)

by Susan Wittig Albert(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 2
0425236617 (ISBN13: 9780425236611)
Berkley Hardcover
The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter
review 1: "Miss Beatrix Potter has returned to Near Sawrey, seeking refuge from the bluster of London in the quiet of a mild March. But it is 1912, and elsewhere in England, Winston Churchill is said to be preparing for the possibility of war. In the Lake District, the country peace for animals and Big Folk alike has been interrupted by the test flights of a new flying machine: the hydroplane."At the same time, Beatrix's friend Grace Lythecoe has been receiving anonymnous letters, threatening her good name and her plans to marry. Beatrix must investigate quietly so as not to arouse village gossip. There is also the matter of Beatrix's own romantic future -- as she's offered a second chance at love."~~back coverCharming subplot of Owl being jealous of "Water Bird" (the hydroplane... more), recruiting the dragon into his plans ... Besides the preparations for the coming war, the poison pen writer is of course sussed out by the indefatigible Miss Potter, and all's well that ends well. Even the hydroplane.
review 2: Another sweet and delightful book in the Beatrix Potter series. I do love these books and even though some have criticized the intrusion of the narrator in the story or the fact that you have to stretch your imagination to include anthropomorphic animals those are the very reasons this series is so lovely. Susan Wittig Albert seems to have caught not only the spirit of the Beatrix Potter books but, I think, accurately and lovingly seems to have captured her voice as well. You could almost feel that Beatrix Potter herself has written the book which I would imagine is what Mrs. Albert is trying to achieve. In this particular outing, Lake Windermere and the surrounding villages are disturbed by the noise of a hydroplane that is being flown and tested, perhaps in anticipation of being used by the military. As can be expected, the noise is causing panic among the animals and outrage among the humans and when the man who has been financing the project ends up lying at the bottom of Oat Cake Crag it seems foul play may be involved. On top of that, Beatrix is called upon to help solve a mystery of poison pen letters and becomes involved in secret engagements that become revealed--one of which is her own. It is so enjoyable to spend time in Beatrix's world and I will surely miss this series. less
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Amusing story of villagenlife. Could have done with a little less animal antics.
Another wonderful read in the series.
More, please.....
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