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Now And Forever (2014)

by Susane Colasanti(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 2
0670014249 (ISBN13: 9780670014248)
Viking Juvenile
review 1: My book now and forever is about a girl and her soon to be rock star boyfriend. In my book there is dramatic irony I know this because I know that her and her boyfriend are going to break up because his fame gets in the way. so far I like this book because it puts ideas in my head of what is going on in the book. For example when is describing how the warmth from the sun feels and how she can smell dinner in the kitchen it transports me there with her.
review 2: This is a fairly interesting premise--a guy and a girl are dating and he rockets to super-stardom while she remains just a regular girl who is now the girlfriend of the guy everyone loves. So this could have been a decent book, but in reality, it is not.This is just embarrassingly poorly written. The
... moreentire book is short, declarative sentences, which makes it hard to read and even harder to like. The characters are cookie-cutter, the plot is predictable. The main character, Sterling, has no personality at all despite the author trying to tell us that she has things she's interested in--cooking and correcting typos. She keeps saying she wants to be a publisher when she grows up, rather than saying she wants to be an editor or work in publishing, which drives me batty.Here is a selection of writing that stood out as particularly offensive to me:"His arms are even more ripped than they were last week. He's getting crazy strong now that he's working out six days a week. He's doing three days of cardio or hip-hop dance, two days of weight training, and one day of running or other outdoor activities. And he has pickup basketball games with friends in his limited free time."Every damn sentence in this book starts with either Ethan or He. Every sentence is short. Every sentence is Subject Verb Object, which is a clear and concise way of communicating, but it doesn't really make for an engrossing read. Now I'm afraid I've internalized it and am going to start writing like a 7th grader. less
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This book was pretty good . It's easy to read
cute story but kind of long.
loved it
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