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Fast, Fresh And Green (2010)

by Susie Middleton(Favorite Author)
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1452100152 (ISBN13: 9781452100159)
Chronicle Books LLC
review 1: It's like a mini cooking school for the beginner and intermediate home cook--and a pretty gallery at your finger tips: with 90+ veggie recipes that beat boredom at dinner time, hands down. When the veggie isn't the star of the meal, Susie Middleton's ideas really boost the blah and bland usual side of greens to a flavorful and exploding new reality worth cooking up (or keep it raw, she has some great recipes for that too). I keep it on display by my stove since its so handy--and beautiful to look at too!
review 2: This book would be quite useful to a new cook or someone who is not familiar with preparing fresh vegetables. I've been cooking since I could hold a spoon, and don't normally use cookbooks, but the cover was so enticing I couldn't resist borrowing it.
... moreThe first chapter discusses stock pantry items, spices, and condiment. The second chapter covers selecting, storing, and preparing vegetables. Each of the remaining chapters focus on a technique, and contain some nice basic recipes for those not already familiar with cooking vegetables. I tried several of the recipes, and found them to be clearly written. The dishes were tasty and a good starting point for improvisation.Overall, not terribly original or inspiring for an experienced cook. Most of the recipes are easily adaptable to be vegetarian. Use vegetable, mushroom, or bean broth* instead of meat broth. Use tofu, tempeh, cooked beans, or other legumes for protein.* Bean broth is the pot liquor created when you cook dried beans. It's a great way to add richness and creaminess to dishes. less
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interesting, but not a keeper. recipes at too high of a sophistication level for me.
Looked at DPLs copy and would be useful as we try to eat more fresh veggies.
Some nice recipes in here, I'm going to try out a few this week.
I didn't find any out-of-this-world ideas here.
75% of recipes are vegetarian
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