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Catching Fire (2009)

by Suzanne Collins(Favorite Author)
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0439023491 (ISBN13: 9780439023498)
Scholastic Press
The Hunger Games
review 1: The book I have read I am now doing a review on my thoughts on what I have read.In the Hunger Games Catching Fire I learned that Katniss and peeta won the hunger games and supposed to had won there freedoom. The capital thinks otherwise though president Snow thought it was all an act on what Katniss and Peeta did when they were the last two left standing. The Hunger Games Catching Fire is a book with action and meaning. Katniss and Peeta found their self free at one point of time they still had to go on interviews with the other districts. President Snow does think Katniss and Peeta’s love is real instead he thinks it was all an act just to keep from dieing in the arena. Later on Katniss and Peeta soon found theirself having convince president snow of there true love. He... more and the game maker’s started up a new game with all of the winning tributes from the districts. Each of the tributes have to form an alliance to stay alive and Katniss found that the other tributes were smart and some not so smart neither of the tributes think it is far they have to risk there life all over again for the comfort of the capital.Each of the 12 districts have had enough of the capitals tryanny ways they were ready to fight back and start a new government. president Snow has had enough with this because katniss is giving hope for a change in panem and snow wants her dead.
review 2: Okay, after reading the first book of the series this had to be my favorite one. I loved how it explained more of The Hunger Games and introduce the new characters and their background. Also I liked how Suzanne Collins explained more Haymitch's past in The Hunger Games since it was my favorite part in the book. To me it kept making me read more page after page. Catching Fire really got me into the the series after the ending of this book which I had to find out what happen with everyone in District 12. less
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Too much lovers' quarrel
Better than the moves.
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