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Bull Rider (2009)

by Suzanne Morgan Williams(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
1416961305 (ISBN13: 9781416961307)
Margaret K. McElderry Books
review 1: The bull rider is an amazing book that tells a lot about change through situations and how can the main character of the book shows his own personality in what he does. From the start of the book you can tell cam is a character of his own , he doesn't wanna be like the rest of his family not because he hates the family business ( bull riding ) but because he wants to be his own person. Through the story the author makes it clear of what environment can and his family are in and kind of pits us alil more in depth with what can faces especially after his brother gets shot while on deployment in overseas. Over the time line of the book you can see how not only cam but his brother go through changes because of what happened while came brother was over seas. Cam becomes more o... moref a statured young person realizing that just because he doesn't wana be like everybody else doesn't mean he can't be his own person. This is show perfectly after his brother gets back and cam gets into the "family business". The settings are awesomely depicted by the author and the story line doesn't stray off it keeps in itself even when explaining some stuff that's not a given at the beginning of the story.
review 2: When I started reading this book I was expecting to be thrown into a world of adrenaline and fear. I was met with very little of either. In fact I found this book quite boring. The plot was ok enough but I was alittle to slow for my liking, I think it would have been better if it moved on and didn't linger on EVERY SINGLE drama in young Cam's life. He was almost angesting through the entire thing. Everything Cam did resulted in some type of trouble and you couldn't help yelling at the book for him to use his common sense. But that wouldn't make much of a book would it. I will admit to crying alittle. This story is actually very emotional. In a subtle way. less
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awesome story about a farm family whose son goes away to the marines and something happens.
it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i really liked this book
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