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Monoceros (2011)

by Suzette Mayr(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 2
1552452417 (ISBN13: 9781552452417)
Coach House Books
review 1: As a Calgarian, this novel was even more interesting to read because I could identify with that specialized character - setting. Regardless of where you're from, you'll appreciate Mayr's stylized sentences and blended format. This novel begins with "The End," listing the "because" conditions which led a gay high school student to commit suicide. After this brief look into life before death, the novel spreads out to examine the impact of the suicide on the various characters connected, in whatever way, to the absent would-be protagonist. If you're looking for an original read, this shouldn't disappoint.
review 2: I appreciated the exoposure to some difficult topics that are still taboo in our society: homosexuality and suicide, but I found the plot strange and t
... morehe characters difficult to relate to. I also felt like suicide was treated in a distant and cold manner (possibly on purpose, to show a cruel side to human nature), but it didn't get to the raw emotions and tragic impact this has on families and communities. less
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Sad, funny, clever, wise, hopeful... everything you could ask for from an intelligent writer.
Didn't speak to me. I liked the energy of this book, but not the characters.
Great writer - want to read the rest of her stuff now...
Commovente, profondo e tremendamente reale
This book is fucking brilliant.
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