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Eternal Temptation (2000)

by T.A. Grey(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 3
The Kategan Alphas
review 1: Great!! I loved Darien and Cassie's story. It was so wonderful to see Darien finally heal and find happiness again. I loved Cassie's character. She was bold, funny, and daring despite being broken herself. I admired her bravery when it came to trying to help heal Darien. There were a few times I wanted to hit the man over the head myself, but he finally got it together as a Kategan should. As each story continue to gets better as the series progresses, I'm becoming more anxious for the next one. Time to read Dark Seduction (#5 in the series)!
review 2: The only reason Eternal Temptation got a 3 was that this is Darien's book. I was happy that I finally got to read it but disappointed that I just couldn't get to like Cassie. What I don't get was that she's abuse
... mored and all yet on the second chapter she's thinking sex and whatever. Seriously I expected Cassie's character to be a little bit reserved and shy but no. Whereas for Darien (I adore him) he's totally hot and yes alpha and yes just not too overdone for Cassie though. But don't fault the author though she's awesome for having more HOT steamy sex interludes for Darien. Yay Darien.Overall this series is good. less
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loved this one too! already downloaded and started the next in the series...love the Kategans!
now I think I'm starting to hold back a gleeful screaming exclamation. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
It's a great book! This whole series is different than alot I have read before!
A história de Cassie (vampira) e Darien.
Loved it. My favorite so far.
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