The Outcasts (2017)

Plot: Two high school outsiders decide to take over their school to rule against the popular kids who continue to make them inferior. They recruit fellow outsiders and create a sort of movement.

Director: Peter Hutchings

Starring: Victoria Justice, Peyton List, Avan Jogia, Eden Sher, Ashley Rickards.

What they do is kind of brilliant because the school becomes, no longer, ruled by the “popular” kids. It becomes run by all the people who have been put down or bullied because they’re different. This film is the perfect representation of why high schools are vile environments. They’re full of cliques and god forbid you’re not “normal” because you’ll just be made to feel like crap about it. That’s the harsh reality of it.

The film is nothing new. This story has been told a thousand times but what makes this one a little different, is the outcasts don’t change. They don’t undergo a make-over. They stay true to who they are and that’s what everyone should do. Never change who you are to fit in, ever. Be who you want to be. High school doesn’t last forever, thankfully. These characters stayed who they are and still were able to rule the school. They made it a better place to be.

I am kind of bored of these films now because they have been over-done but it’s worth watching if you’re into high school movies.

Smart girls vs mean girls and the smart girls win!

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