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Ride For Rights (2012)

by Tara Chevrestt(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
MuseItUp Publishing
review 1: Ride for Rights is a whirlwind trip through the final push of the suffrage movement as WWI approached. This YA novel spins creative stories about two spunky sisters as they make their way across the country demonstrating women's strengths and resourcefulness. Chevrestt includes good historical information in her Author's note, to identify the fictional parts and expand on the real people and events used as her inspiration.I have a friend who teaches literature to challenged young women. I'm going to pass this book along as a suggested read for her class.
review 2: I can not give this book a rating, due to the fact this is my daughter. I want all to know even though my daughter is the author I bought this book. I can however, give my thoughts. I enjoyed this
... morebook. I enjoyed the spunk of the two ladies in this book. Reminds me of someone, I like the fact of following them across country and joining them on there journeys. I found it funny and yet it makes a point. Women have come along way, however we have a lot further to go. Very good job Tara. less
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A fast paced female adventure, a true inspiration for woman worldwide. A great ride, a fun read!
Interesting characters. I enjoyed the sisters' journey.
This book was released today, two days early!
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