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Immanuel's Veins (2010)

by Ted Dekker(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 6
140031674X (ISBN13: 9781400316748)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
review 1: I just finished this book and it was the first by Ted Dekker that I have read. I must say I was very impressed. Well written, easy to read... It was dark, without being "attractive". I would give it a PG rating simply because of all the blood references and the violence. It weaves multiple plays on words, making characters shadows of Biblical truth while drawing from Biblical mystery to craft a story that is a true page turner. I read the whole book in less than 2 days. I now have several of his book on my wish list for Christmas.I don't want to create any spoilers so I will just say that one of the overall themes I saw in the book was how attractive evil really is. It offers all sorts of "wonderful pleasures" but in the end is only death and destruction. This paints a ver... morey real and fearful picture of that deception. But in the end offers HOPE. I also found it interesting that the amount of people "saved" in the end was small... because scripture says... narrow is the gate... FEW find it.
review 2: I was told this book was about vampires. It is, loosely. Ted Dekker seems to make a point of bringing a supernatural and religious take on the story. It is a good read, however, but I was hoping for a bit more blood, a bit more horror. This is not that kind of book.The characters are quite interesting though, and the book is very well written and the story premise is different. For those things, I give it 3 stars. less
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LO PEOR QUE LEIDO, le pongo -5 .. cuando lo termine lo puse en el cesto de la basura.
This is one of my top two favorite Ted Dekker books of all time. Brilliant.
Ted Dekker is a great storyteller and this is a great story to read.
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