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Blades Of Magic (2014)

by Terah Edun(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 3
1500640220 (ISBN13: 9781500640224)
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review 1: A digital audio version of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. Audio books are usually not my cup of coffee - literally. I always claim that there's something amiss in not being able to curl up with the book, when having it narrated to you instead. This book made me take back my words completely. With a fabulous narration by Sylvia Roldn Dohl, the book is a brilliant treat. I had heard from fellow reviewers and book lovers that a good narrator is key to a successful audiobook. After listening to Dohl's expressive narration, I so agree! I'm eagerly looking forward to listening to another one by her. The story revolves around young Sara Fairchild, eager to prove to the world and herself, that she is capable of becoming a warrior. But fate thinks o... moretherwise, and she is forced to take up a job at a fishery. When Sara is assigned by the fishery owner an additional task of having to watch over his warehouse of special artifacts, she is left to travel through a maze of unraveling mysteries. The journey also takes her through getting to know about her dad's death and what he did. The characterisation is handled well - be it Sara's self-discovery through her journey and the different emotions she goes through, or Ezekiel's mild eccentricities, the characters linger on in the mind. The pace of the book is just right, of course aided by Dohl's soulful voice. I would highly recommend this book to lovers of fantasy and adventure genres.My rating for this book: 4 stars
review 2: Sylvia Roldn Dohi gives a great narration to this book by Terah Edun. I hope to hear her in other books and hope that she does the next book in the series. One thing for me that makes or breaks a book is the narrator. The story could be amazing but if the narrator does not preform well makes me stop the book and move on. In this case she can keep me the reader listening from start to finish in a couple days. Has a great transition between characters she portrays.Now onto the story itself. The main character Sara Fairchild a young girl with something to prove to herself and others that she has the talent to be a mighty warrior like her dad. However, living thru the disgrace of her father's death. Sara's mother asked her to get a job at the fishery. Sara agrees and finds herself reluctantly takes on another position that is offered by the fishery owner. Sara is asked by the owner of the fishery to become his Watcher. Watch what? His warehouse of special artifacts. Agreeing Sara finds herself paired up with the 2nd main character Ezekiel, curator of antiquities. Sara finds herself thinking "What has she gotten herself into. This guy is a scary cat." or is he!The plot has you wondering all the way thru what her dad has done or did not do. Why so many are after a certain artifact and are willing to kill for it. How Sara ends up becoming a Mercenary to unravel the mysteries while learning how to use her special gift of Battle Magic. Learning the different Mages talents. And discovering what is truly inside her to get thru this war she is drawn into by the Mercenaries to learn more about her dad. The only Con that I had with this book was the long repetitious back story in the beginning of the book could have been reduced. Though once the story gets underway only some backstory where needed is given to hold the storyline together.Ezekiel by far is my favorite with his weak whimsy character only to turn around to be a very strong character next to Sara! Can't wait to hear Book 2 when it comes out! I'm a sucker for a good fantasy series!Note: This audio was provided by the author for review. less
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A good novel... I can't wait for the next novel. Magic, intrigue, a cool heroine.
It had no fire, no energy, no nothing.
Review to come
2.5 stars
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