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Immortal Last Words: History's Most Memorable Dying Remarks, Deathbed Declarations And Final Farewells (2010)

by Terry Breverton(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
1849164789 (ISBN13: 9781849164788)
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review 1: Really enjoyable and one of those books that I could not put down. Histories most memorable people and their thoughts; both sad and funny; before they pass over. I would like to share some of my favourite quotes.Winston Churchill: "I am ready to meet my Maker. whether my Maker is ready for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter?"W. C. Fields (an atheist reading the bible): "I am looking for loopholes."Beethoven: "Applaud, my friends, the comedy is finished."
review 2: I came across this book shortly after reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. So of course, it caught my interest. Reading it now, I found it to be well put together. It was quite fascinating to learn about the last words of these people who we all know from history; it says a lot about how
... morethey felt as they faced their own mortality. Of course, not all last words are profound or even surprising, but learning about the deaths of these people really says a lot about history and how far we've come and how far we haven't. Overall, it's just a great collection to have and to muse over. less
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I thought it was a glorious book, something nice to read bit by bit over a long period of time.
Fairly interesting look into many historical figures' last words.
Interesting & at times humorous
Very well written.
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