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Survivors (2008)

by Terry Nation(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
1409102645 (ISBN13: 9781409102649)
Orion Paperbacks
review 1: This is a good quick read and not to challenging. I vaguely remember the original TV series and this book is roughly the same story. It tells us of a few people who have survived the global pandemic but, to my mind, they generally do not have to bad a time of it. However, their attempt at self-sufficiency is a real struggle. Some people think it is rather a bleak story but not from my point of view, although it is darker than the TV series was.
review 2: Survivors is an engrossing look at post-plague Britain, where only a handful of survivors have been left to eke out an existence. The characters are appealing, despite the rather matter of fact tone of the narrator. I wanted the characters to survive, and found the details of their lives fascinating. [return]
... more[return]I have to confess that I watched, and greatly enjoyed, both of the BBC's Survivor series, the 1970's and 2010 adaptation; watching the series undoubtedly did help make the characters more accessible to me. [return][return]A good and worthwhile read. less
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I liked this book but the series they created was better. I did not like the way the book ended.
Never saw the series, or even heard of it, book was okay. Not sure how a series could work.
Not so keen on this one. It didn't really go anywhere and I found it slow
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