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The Age Of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture (2009)

by Terry O'Reilly(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 3
0307397319 (ISBN13: 9780307397317)
Knopf Canada
review 1: A lively romp through the history, ins and outs, ups and downs of advertising. The underbelly exposed; failed branding ridiculous concepts, amusing stories along with knights in shining (and expensive) armour to the rescue; the makers and shakers, breakers of tradition and new ground. A great introduction to an understanding of how it all works, worked and where it might go. And well constructed, easily read and fun to follow. Just like the radio show.
review 2: I think the real take away from reading "The Age of Persuasion," is that advertisers have to adhere to a contract with their advertising tactics. As in, (and I'll just quote here) "marketing and advertising must offer something in return for the interruption or intrusion it's creating." Whether that's
... morea helpful tidbit of information or a quick laugh, without it advertisers are dead meat. Other than that, the unfolding of the book is very episodic, much like his TOTALLY AMAZING AND INTERESTING CBC radio show. How's that for a plug? Recommended for people who love or are interested in ad history. less
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This book provides a great insight into the world of marketing that's easy and fun to read.
As clever and diverting as the CBC radio program.
Link+ due 4/3/12Not marketing. Advertising.
I love Terry O'Reilly.
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