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Destiny Of The Wolf (2009)

by Terry Spear(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 3
1402216688 (ISBN13: 9781402216688)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Heart of the Wolf
review 1: At first I was worried this was the first book with just the names changed. Big bad abusive red alpha wants poor little red wolf. Red wolf doesn't want abusive red so finds a sexy grey alpha to protect her, they fight to the death and sexy grey alpha gets hot red wolf and lives happily ever after. Then I couldn't believe the editor missed so many name mix ups, BUT THEN, it all made sense. They were not editorial misses and the story took off in another fun and exciting direction. Bring on the next.
review 2: In Destiny of the Wolf I loved the idea of dream-mating, and this book might be my favorite in the series simply because it brings up the question, "What if you mate the wrong person?" Not everyone gets a do-over like Darien did, but it was interesting how
... moreTerry managed to work the story. And the bit about Larissa? That was sad. I agree with Lelandi when she said her sister didn't deserve that. She might have done some stupid stuff, but no one deserves to die. less
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i'm reading the whole series. they're worth reading but ya gotta be in the shape shifter mood...
I thoroughly enjoy Terry's Wolf romances. Lelandi is a great character with attractive depth.
Enjoyed this book. A beautiful Alpha and a great storyline.
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