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Wolf Feverr (2010)

by Terry Spear(Favorite Author)
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1402260997 (ISBN13: 9781402260995)
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Heart of the Wolf
review 1: 4.75stars actuallyAnother visit to Silver Town puts new wolf nurse Carol Woods front and center as she evades the eager bachelor population of grays and defends her psychic abilities. Much to the chagrin of (Chester) Ryan McKinley of Green Valley gray wolf pack. Red wolf North believes Carol should be his since his cousin turned her and he's concocted a nefarious plot that would both get revenge on Silver Town grays and have Carol falling in his arm as his mate. Carol meanwhile is still fighting her wolf traits and refuses to shift which is causing much consternation among Darien and the other alphas. Ryan has convinced himself that his desire to be near Carol is only to determine her true psychic abilities but soon they both have given up that premise and admit they feel ... morethe same about each other. I already liked Carol and Ryan from a previous installment and was comfortable with their romance and glad the majority of their couple conflict was external to their relationship. That moved the great secondary characters in position for later installments while giving Ryan a chance to flex his alpha muscles and not become a caveman. Meanwhile a sickness is running through the pack with possibly dire consequences and everyone is trying to get to the answers before the illness reaches epidemic proportions. Improvements to the writing style and more heavily layered storylines keep this series on my next read shelf. Finally I'm accepting the term lupus garou instead of shifter, weres or wolves without gritting my teeth. The mystery portion of this installment was great and the romance piece was also very good. Tension in the action and mystery pieces kept the pages moving quickly. Overall there was much to like in this episode, a number of possible villains, a meaty mystery with quite a few possible causes and solutions, good action and a very likable lead couple. This fast paced read is a good entry to the series and has me anxious to read the next book right away.
review 2: "Wolf Fever" by Terry Spear. Book 6 in the Heart of the Wolf series.Loved this book!Carol, a newly turned werewolf, is struggling with her new identity. She refuses to shape-shift into a wolf. And to top it all off, she has visions of the future and no one is believing her; most especially Ryon. So when she has a vision of her pack leader, Darien, not being able to shift back to human, she is terrified that it will happen to her.Ryon is the pack leader of a different pack from Carol's. He's also a Private Investigator. Ryon doesn't believe in Carol's visions. There must be a logical explaination as to why she new who the murderer was in his last case. He's been obsessing over Carol for the last 5 months. He's not looking for a mate but he can't deny the attraction he has toward Carol.Very well written. Beautiful descriptions. Excellent chemistry between the main characters. Loved the story line. Can't wait to read the next one! less
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Not a bad book but not great. Same story told over and over in this series.
Really enjoyed it. Good book & good series.
Loved it! Can't wait for more!
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